The architecture of the pub retains its classic design but is enhanced with modern, high-tech materials, giving it a sleek and updated appearance. The name of the pub, akin to "THE ROEBUCK," is brightly illuminated with neon lights, standing out against the backdrop of the bustling city.

The streets around the pub are alive with activity, showcasing hover cars that streak past with light trails, hinting at their high speed. Above, the sky is alive with the trails of flying vehicles, adding to the dynamic urban environment. Digital billboards and advanced streetlights contribute to the technological ambiance of the setting.

Surrounding the pub are towering skyscrapers, which glow with ambient and neon lighting, contributing to the vibrant city glow. The entire scene is set during twilight, with the sky painted in hues of blue and the last glimmers of the setting sun, emphasizing the transition from day to night in a city that never sleeps.